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A White Label Mobile App For English Taxi Fleets


Cordic is a leading fleet management SaaS provider to UK taxis. Two years ago, over 60 English cab companies have successfully joined Cordic to form a single pool of jobs, big enough to withstand competition with Uber and giants alike.

Today, to remain competitive and marketable, not only they need to quickly react to ride requests but, more importantly, they must instantly respond to driver needs and continuously cater to their expectations.









Business Objectives

Fuel driver engagement and increase user satisfaction


Raise brand awareness and recognition


Appeal to a larger audience and facilitate driver acquisition


Reinforce partners' loyalty with more business opportunities and better results

Project Tasks
  • Design a cross-platform mobile app that is easily adoptable and highly functional across various devices and screens.
  • Deliver an up-to-date, feature-rich, comprehensive solution with a crisp, modern look, catering to critical driver needs.
Helding an on-sight product development workshop helped us:
  • Better understand our client, their intentions and business objectives
  • Gather valuable insights about different types of drivers, their motivations, aspirations and underlying values
  • Outline the scope of work, establish technical requirements and bring out creative possibilities
  • Weigh technical possibilities of mobile devices against the desired functionality of an app to recognize indispensable components and fundamental requirements crucial for building the app
Desk Research
  • Some of the most "celebrated" features across all major taxi apps hardly provide any value (if not causing harm) to most drivers
  • In the world of on-demand pick-ups and deliveries, complete freedom and flexibility is an illusion just like everywhere else. Continuous profitability and growth require elaborate planning, sensible decision-making and accurate measurements.
  • Collaboration, joint efforts and common goals can reveal the potential and uncover opportunities unavailable through any other means

We wanted drivers to have the best features possible directly in-app to take the pressure off of them, so that they can focus on smooth and stress-free rides for everybody and to equip them with the best information helping to succeed.

When designing features, we based our decisions on two basic requirements for a Driver app.

Effortless User Experience

Through simplified authorization and bidding processes as well as a distraction-free driving journey

  • Simplified registration flow and optimized bidding process
  • Straightforward fare structure
  • Driver support, helping in crisis situations like conflicts between driver and rider or app errors
Finance And Performance Management System
  • Fare Structure
  • Financial Goals
  • Earnings Summary
  • Progress Tracking
  • Payment Methods
  • Ride-associated Costs
Advanced Functionality

With smart navigation tools and easily accessible safety features

  • Navigation basics, Including lane guidance, compound maneuvers, and real-time traffic reports
  • Route preview, offering a birds eye view of a complete route as with a turn-by-turn zoom in
  • Speed alerts, informing drivers about reaching a speed limit to make sure they keep track of their pace
  • Must-have breaks, set by default, a 12-hour time limit makes a driver go offline for 6 hours and hopefully get some rest
  • SOS button allowing to contact police in case of a threat, emergencies or accidents
And allow for:
Reasonable Flexibility and Independence

Through simplified authorization and bidding processes as well as a distraction-free driving journey

  • Working schedule settings, allowing to switch between online and on-the break modes
  • Push notifications, sending alerts about order updates, traffic jams, earning opportunities, performance progress, upcoming events and new features
  • Upfront ride details, including information about pickup location, trip time, distance, destination and fare estimate
Mindful Customization And Optimization

With smart navigation tools and easily accessible safety features

  • Two-way ratings, allowing drivers to leave feedback passengers and the other way around
  • Working areas optimization settings, including Back to Busy Area and On My Way Home modes
  • Night/day modes, protecting drivers from light pollution

To ensure meaningful collaboration and palpable teamwork, we have been communicating with the client on a daily basis. And at the end of each Sprint, we presented our findings, results and solutions. Once approved and designed, we have uploaded final screens to Zeplin App, thereby, providing developers with necessary sizes, spacing, fonts etc.

After handing in the designs, we stay in touch with the Cordic team to provide maintenance and support through continuous adaptation and optimization of the app.

UX Design

Due to its native functionalities, exhaustive gestures, and customizable tools, the Ionic framework allowed us not only to create a cross-platform, low-maintenance application but also to cut out design tasks like wireframe development early into the project.

We have introduced the module-based structure to simplify customization of features, developed a styled design system to allow for themeable yet consistent visuals, fonts, and spacing as well as specified the primary, secondary and tertiary colours to be used in specific contexts.

  • Simple architecture, clean and intuitive interface, layered components and selected customization possibilities
  • Set of technology-focused safety features that provide drivers with more control and peace of mind while behind the wheel
  • Optimized in-app operations for mapping out professional development and comprehensive performance tracking
  • Effortless interactions, engaging opportunities and palpably rewarding experience to fuel substantive, steadfast commitment to Cordic apps
UI Design
client review

Their team invested time to understand our target users well and translated that into effective app designs. As we went through the design exercise, we fed users around internally and the designs created a real buzz. People are enthused to see what we’re producing.

Idris Davies
Idris Davies

CTO, Cordic


We want to believe that what our client got is a simple, highly functioning and flexible solution, adding up to Cordic’s capacity to stand fierce competition, match market trends and satisfy riders.

We know for sure though that the client enjoyed working with us on the design so much that decided to trust us with the development as well, which we are currently busy with.

  • Competitors Features Matrix, based on the Market & Competitive Research Findings
  • Jobs-to-be-done & Product Requirements Backlog, based on the On-Site Design Workshop
  • UX/UI Design for a Cross-Platform Mobile Driver App, based on Ionic Framework

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