• Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Maintenance & Support

Digital Banking Ecosystem of Web & Mobile Applications, Services, Websites, and ATMs used in 13 Countries


We designed and developed a consistent ecosystem of products for the bank. It was applied to web applications, mobile applications, online services, websites, ATMs and marketing materials. We conducted numerous research projects, including interviews of bank employees, clients and discussions with the IT department. We divided the design effort into phases with clear steps, resulting in a smooth implementation for the client.

4+ years

of continuous partnership

8 products

fully redesigned

13 countries

with redesigned products

7 000+


The Business Challenge
Challenges Tackled

ProCredit asked Artkai to redesign the user experience across its digital system. The goal was to enhance loyalty from their existing clients and to help attract new customers. And the experience needed to be consistent across 13 countries and become a foundation for the future design system.

A special challenge was to factor all the technical and legal restrictions across countries and regions. It was also important for Artkai’s work to integrate smoothly with ProCredit’s core banking system and a range of devices and operating systems.

  • Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Kosovo
  • Moldova
  • North Macedonia
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Ukraine
UX Research & Design Workshops

We conducted numerous research sessions and on-site workshops to fully understand the project scope, the possibilities and preferences for user experience and key metrics of success. We developed and proposed a customized strategy for ProCredit Group.

We also conducted interviews of stakeholders and customers at ProCredit’s headquarters in Germany. During and after the rollout, we monitored internal and external feedback. We then made adjustments to further enhance customer satisfaction.

  • International Website
  • Online Direct Banking
  • Mobile Banking Application
  • ATM Interactive Interface
  • Marketing & Sales Materials

In-depth Executive Interviews


User Research & Analysis


Competitive Research


Customer & Staff Behavior Study


Usability Testing


On-site Workshops

UX/UI Design

Artkai conducted extensive testing to meet the project’s requirements.

Our goal was to develop an omnichannel platform that could support the delivery of services and facilitate interactions between clients and ProCredit staff.

Customer Journey Map

Artkai developed a customer journey map with the omnichannel experience in mind, including mobile, web, physical branch, and marketing interactions.

Direct Banking

Artkai developed interfaces for direct banking to support customers who primarily want to engage with the bank using gadgets. This helps the business to transform their business model and switch from physical branches to online banking.

ATM Interface & Card Design

ProCredit asked Artkai to design a new interactive interface for their ATMs and cards. Again, the core idea is to support the strategy of the bank to provide automated experience for customers.

Mobile App

Artkai also designed a mobile application to provide ProCredit’s customers with a simple and fast way to access their bank account.

Front-end Development & Support

ProCredit had a range of internal standards and technical requirements. Arktai carefully coordinated its activities prior to implementation to ensure full compliance with ProCredit’s approval procedures.

Having to uphold strict standards and technical requirements was probably one of the most difficult challenges of the development stage.

technology stack




HTML5 (Jade)



JavaScript (jQuery)

Over 5 years of partnership, we:

01Executed a digital transformation for an omnichannel platform and a wide range of banking products

02Established a long-term partnership with ProCredit’s core banking team

03Significantly enhanced ProCredit’s broader strategy to increase operational efficiency.

Results Achieved

As a result, the share of automated services and transactions is distributed mainly as:

  1. 50%E-banking
  2. 25%POS transactions
  3. 22%ATM operations
  4. 3%Other
The partnership between Artkai and ProCredit is strong. Artkai continues to enhance existing products and create new digital solutions for ProCredit.
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