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A Cross-Platform Taxi App For Instant Ride Requests in UK


Cordic has been connecting British taxi drivers and passengers on demand via an app for a long time now. Yet, once a fairly functional and useful application could no longer compete with Uber and other technologically advanced companies.

Today, we live in a dynamic and world, powered by innovation technology. A multitude of revision triggers makes it necessary to anticipate, prepare for, and continuously adapt to new realities. Cordic needed a solution that would enable them to take rapid actions and withstand market turbulence.









Business Objectives
Understanding that regional taxi business owners with a fleet of cars suffer from the harsh competition

Cordic recognized another business opportunity new apps would allow them to explore. Having a modern technologically advanced software could give small businesses a chance. Yet time and funds needed to develop one are beyond their possibilities.


Add an extra revenue stream by renting their mob software to other taxi fleets.


Ensure customer retention and drive user acquisition


Strengthen credibility and simplify cooperation with multiple taxi fleets


Increase market share and remain competitive

Project Tasks
  • Develop a cross-platform mobile application with a modern, reliable and visually appealing interface to be used by passengers of taxis
  • Create a White Label solution, allowing Cordic clients to integrate own branding, customize functionality and adjust settings to the needs of their passengers
  • At the same time, make sure the design system allows for consistency, high usability and compliance with minimum standards for approval to the App Store & Google Play across all client apps
We visited the client's office in England to host a workshop with the Cordic team

We visited the client's office in England to host a workshop with the Cordic team. We have identified their major issues and ultimate objectives determined technical requirements as well as gained insights about current needs, peculiar habits and common pain points of their existing and target audience.

  • Primary Market Research
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Competition Analysis
Cross-platform Framework

To ensure fast and cost-efficient development of an app that would be deployable across both Android and iOS operating systems, we have used:

taxis hastings
Tameside taxis
White Label Design System

For our client to offer the app as a White Label Solution, we had to create a design system that would enable customization of every look and feel to different brand specifications, facilitate the integration of a variety of tools and processes across multiple touchpoints and deliver a seamless, instantly recognisable user experience customize.

Customizable Features

Based on our Workshop results and Research findings, we have identified critical features for the app to include:

Ride Settings: vehicle type, time pick up time, adding a stops, the payment type

Additional Ride Requirements: non-smoking, suitable for children, pet-friendly etc.

Preliminary Fare Estimates, based on pick-up and drop-off locations

Multiple payment methods

Quick access to Recent Locations and Rides History

Possibilities to book a ride ahead of time, to request a ride back and/or to add en-route locations

Ridesharing option, allowing friends to track a ride until completion

Easily accessible SOS button in case of emergencies

Driver rating


To ensure meaningful collaboration and palpable teamwork, we have been communicating with the client on a daily basis. And at the end of each Sprint, we presented our findings, results and solutions. Once approved and designed, we have uploaded final screens to Zeplin App, thereby, providing developers with necessary sizes, spacing, fonts etc.

After handing in the designs, we stay in touch with the Cordic team to provide maintenance and support through continuous adaptation and optimization of the app.

UX Design

Due to its native functionalities, exhaustive gestures, and customizable tools, the Ionic framework allowed us not only to create a cross-platform, low-maintenance application but also to cut out design tasks like wireframe development early into the project.

UI Design

We have introduced the module-based structure to simplify customization of features, developed a styled design system to allow for themeable yet consistent visuals, fonts, and spacing as well as specified the primary, secondary and tertiary colours to be used in specified contexts.

Taxi ordering process

All businesses suffer from the virus and lockdown. We conducted a research on local and internation markets to come up with a quick, relevant feature for the app – delivery service. The taxi driver goes and picks up the order using unique order code and brings it to the "passenger". Therefore, people get groceries delivered while drivers stay safe. Not a rocket science, but the business can continue to roll even during the lockdown.

client review

Their team invested time to understand our target users well and translated that understanding into intuitive app designs. As we went through the design exercise, we gathered feedback from users internally, and the designs created a real buzz. Everyone across the organisation is enthused to see what we're producing.

Idris Davies
Idris Davies

CTO, Cordic


We want to believe that what our client got is a simple, highly functioning and flexible solution, adding up to Cordic’s capacity to stand fierce competition, match market trends and satisfy riders.

We know for sure though that the client enjoyed working with us on the design so much that decided to trust us with the development as well, which we are currently busy with.

  • Competitors Features Matrix, based on the Market & Competitive Research Findings
  • Jobs-to-be-done & Product Requirements Backlog, based on the On-Site Design Workshop
  • UX/UI Design for a Cross-Platform Mobile App, based on Ionic Framework

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