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Building The First Nationwide Online Marketplace For Used Cars In Sweden

To Reinvent Car Selling And Buying Experience For Good


In the age of continuous digital transformation, the Swedish market for buying and selling personal cars somehow got totally trapped in time. Committed to reinventing car selling and buying experience by eliminating the need to go through the pain of boring, time-consuming and extremely confusing processes and operations, CarDrop wanted to bring its market to a whole new place - the Internet. We worked with a Swedish startup to help them design and develop the very first nationwide online marketplace for selling and buying used cars.

784 hours

of design and visual identity






We have studied CarDrop’s customers right and left: from their needs and goals through their pain points and concerns right to their typical buying cycles. Both selling and buying processes they were used to appeared to be rather risky, confusing and even aggravating.

From the thorough competitive research and analysis, we have learned that the existing options were providing very little or no opportunity for current and future car owners to benefit from a deal.

  • Project Scoping
  • Market & Competitive Research
  • Stakeholder & User Interviews
  • Mind Maps & Scenarios
Car Delivery and Pickup, available upon request for both Sellers and Buyers

Given the research findings, we needed to build a perfectly comprehensive, simple and intuitive interface, allowing for minimum or no physical involvement in the process. Quick and painless experience that would enable CarDrop users to buy or sell used cars in less than 48 hours was our ultimate goal.

  • Web-based Marketplace
  • Landing Page
  • Brand Identity
UI/UX design
Web Platform

The challenge was to ensure a perfectly complete, simple, quick and effortless user journey throughout the platform, with minimum or no physical involvement in the process for both sellers and buyers.

Interface visual DEsign
Separate user flows

We have introduced two separate user flows, guiding sellers and buyers through the selling and buying processes accordingly. Each flow represented a set of tailored step-by-step instructions based on user needs and expectations.


We have stripped away the needless operations, thereby, leaving the most relevant stages for a user to go through.


Quick car evaluation request form


We have stripped away the needless operations, thereby, leaving the most relevant stages for a user to go through.


Screening process, facilitated with broad range of filtres


More importantly, we have made sure both flows were clearly demonstrated on CarDrop’s website, emphasizing its fundamental advantages: simplicity, transparency, beneficial rates.

Visual Identity
Brand-Specific Identity

We created a clean, minimalistic identity, defining CarDrop’s nature and stressing out the value of clarity and simplicity this project celebrates. It’s concise. It gets to the point. It doesn’t make such a complex thing too complicated. It keeps things pretty and functional.

Imaginative Logo

CarDrop is a unique service, allowing its users to buy and sell their cars right from their homes. As if it was magic. As if the cars were delivered, dropped or picked up with a giant air balloon.

An air balloon, magically dropping and picking up cars from and into the sky is exactly what inspired our Logo Design, translating the advantages of CarDrop.


A crisp modern typeface along with a bunch of fresh colors and patterns helps users quickly grasp the brand’s mood. Every element was designed with the intent to support and articulate CarDrop’s unique brand narrative.


Today Cardrop offers convenient as well as trustworthy services, underpinned with remarkably streamlined operations and utterlysimplified processes of selling or buying cars. Its customers no longer need to go through the pain of boring, time-consuming andextremely confusing experience.
With substantially simplified user flows as well as a clear and intuitive interface, Cardrop allows getting the best deals possible withminimum effort and no risk.

  • 5 months
  • 115 screens
client review

Artkai team is well organized and professional, still easy and creative. Those qualities are hard to combine. I believe Artkai is handling that balance quite well. A great team that proved that offshoring can be both profitable and free of headache. Swedish quality with Ukrainian pricing.

Jakob Paulsson
Jakob Paulsson

CFO & Project Manager for the Cardrop MVP

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