• UX Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Front-end development
  • QA

Redesigning NDA speculative tokenized trading service

To refresh the platform and substantially improve user experience


It is the world’s first broker-less financial trading platform, allowing its users to trade directly against the financial markets without an intermediary broker involved in the process. While the idea appeared to be very well-received, its execution was failing to meet user expectations. Platform had issues with usability so we helped them make their platform and website more appealing, intuitive and user-friendly.

3 month






Project Scoping

allowed us to evaluate the current state and conditions, study the platform, understand how it operates and, ultimately, identify the problems it had

UX Analysis

helped us figure out how we needed to adopt the platform's design to optimize user journey, improve usability and accommodate user needs

User Interviews

gave us insights on user goals, their specific needs, features they value the most and pain points they usually encounter, thereby, allowing us to determine what the platform has to offer to ensure an effortless yet efficient user experience.

Mind Maps & User Scenarios

made it possible for us to understand how users may interact with Trading platform or similar applications and identify tasks they implement to achieve their goals


Based on the research findings, we have identified a set of must-have features and elements the redesigned platform was to provide to realize its full potential.

Information Architecture

was built so that Trading platform would provide easily recognizable, relevant educational materials.

Prototyping, analysis and testing

helped us gather feedback from traders and fine-tune the platform's most critical tool – the trading chart

Interface design

All the pages are available in two modes: day and night

UI Kit

The visual system was developed to allow for future scaling.

Buttons, drop-downs, tooltips, input fields, links, headers, and other design components were presented in the UI kit and designed so that their look would change in accordance with user actions: hover, selection, click.

Quality Assurance

Once the platform was ready, we have tested it, using browserstack service

Test cases applied:
  • Markup bug hunting
  • Compatibility
  • Cross-browserness
  • Functional testing
With several thousand new user accounts added every month, NDA Trading Platform is the fastest growing platform for Digital Contracts
  • a unique, responsive, feature-rich and easy-to-use web-based trading platform
  • a platform with all the essential trading tools and parameters required for a safe and fraud-free trading experience, easily accessible to the masses
  • a highly visual, simple and interactive user interface that educates its users from their very first trade

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