• UX Research
  • UX/ UI Design
  • Front-end Development

Building a digital product for antique dealers to sell across multiple marketplaces

Because there is more to selling antiques and collectibles on the web than a website address


Ronati was created in response to the market need for means to simplify, automate and accelerate the process of selling antiques online. Our principle task was the help today's collectors and dealers make sense and make use of e-commerce presence across multiple channels.

By leveraging digital tools and networking practices, together with the client, we have built the first web-based multi-channel eCommerce manager for the antiques industry, providing effortless yet efficient ways to list and manage one-of-a-kind items online.

11 month


Multi-channel eCommerce




$1.62 trillion

Сollection value


To gain a clear understanding of how to realize and communicate this idea, first, we needed to analyze our client’s objectives, evaluate the market, and study user’s online listing habits. More importantly, we had to determine our main target audience and learn as much as possible about our potential users.

  • Primary research
  • Competitive research
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User research
  • Persona development
We have been studying and analyzing all our research findings to identify the most critical needs, pain points and habits of our target users


Dealers have to spend hours listing their inventory across all of their selling platforms.


Tracking offline inventory requires additional work and disjointed records


While updating client bases, dealers might have to store items for weeks or even months.


With current platforms, dealers to manually implement all the inventory operations.

Your E-commerce Manager

Makes it possible to add, edit and manage listings across multiple qualified marketplaces from a single location.

That’s All?!
Well, it seems like this idea is enough to provide solutions to the major market and user problems
  • Universal inventory management
  • Easy syndication to marketplaces (sales channels)
  • Mobile & Desktop access
  • Keep track of online & offline inventory in one place
  • Time saving tools allow dealers to list more of their inventory online.
UX Design
This is where it got real tricky since we had to create something that has not been done before

Although, we have got to admit, it would not be our first time that we designed and developed a complex, unexampled product. We love building those, we do!

We know firsthand that the stage of UX Design pretty much determines the entire future of a product. To make sure this one was going to succeed, we have gathered all our research findings and made sure every decision, every step was deeply rooted in those insights.

Seller Flow
Visual Identity
The visual identity needed to be distinctive yet tasteful to help Ronati stand out on the market, while meeting aesthetic expectations of its target audience

Using the visual style elements — colors, shapes, typefaces, tone of voice, and all the rest — the platform was designed to appeal to a different demographic and suit the imagery users provide in their requests or listings.

We have also ensured flawless experience from desktop to mobile. From a small screen to a big one, Ronati is designed responsively to work for everyone, everywhere.

Based on our user personas and observations of potential users, we have identified basic qualities for the visual style to translate:
  • 01Sophisticated
    & Elegant
  • 02Contemporary
    & Reputable
  • 03Consistent
    & Clean
technology stack
We were striving to bring to the table a modern, advanced front-end stack



HTML5 (Pug)


JS (ES6)


client review

Artkai are attentive not just to their work, but also to satisfying your needs. They’re engaged with your process and want to help you succeed. We never felt like a side job to them.

They delivered innovative, complex designs that met all project requirements and their code has been error-free. Their customer-focused approach makes them a strong creative partner.

Stacey Tiveron
Stacey Tiveron

CEO of Ronati

UI Design
Inventory manager

The blog was designed to be consistent, easy on the eyes, and flexible when it comes to different types of content.


Effortless yet efficient user experience begins from account registration. Our task was to seamlessly instill all the account settings into the design so that creating a profile would be a completely clear and intuitive process. Besides, it was important that users can edit their account information without making a big fuss.

  • Easily Manage Inventory Locations & Shipping Profiles
  • Update Business & Industry Information
  • Quick Access to Help Center
  • Toggle between Company and Personal Profile

At the end of the day, working closely with the client we have managed to build a proprietary ecosystem that unlocks the $1.62 trillion dollar market of one-of-a-kind, rare, antique and collectible pieces worldwide, by giving them control of their inventory management and the power to list on more marketplaces from one location.

So far, the feedback from dealers currently using the site, has been very positive and the waitlist filled up so quicky they had to stop accepting applicants. Also, Ronati has also gotten the seal of approval from LAPADA, the largest association of art and antiques dealers in the United Kingdom.

$1.62 trillion

Value of one-of-a-kind, rare, antique and collectible pieces worldwide


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