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Platform for the HR/recruitment teams in small and medium companies


Cruitment is a SaaS platform for the HR/recruitment teams in small and medium companies. The application helps to manage career pages (lists of job vacancies) and the candidate pipelines for each job.

3 month






Help to manage career pages and the candidate pipelines for each job

Instead of building a user-centric, long-lasting system for people to enjoy and benefit from, the concept had been often used to scam people. Therefore, one of the critical tasks was to relaunch the existing market by introducing and implementing a new technological groundwork.

Initial briefing
Defining top level needs

During our first meetings with our client, we discussed what interface would make sense to recruiters and candidates.


Has to find and manage tons of candidates easily and have full control over the hiring process.


Has to find a suitable vacancy and apply without hassle.

Unlocking the insights

We conducted interviews with recruiters and candidates to find insights for building efficient recruitment tool that solves problems.

User 1.


User 2.


Insight 1

The interface is concentrated on RECRUITERS. They have different tasks, and their pipelines can differ from company to company. Thus, we've made the design easily customizable.

  • Manages Candidates
  • Processes a lot of job updates
  • Analyzes data in the pipeline
  • Posts new vacancies to company Facebook page
Insight 2

CANDIDATES will rarely interact with the app. They have to quickly find a relevant job and fill all required info in the forms.

  • Searches for relevant jobs
  • Applies for interviews
Building product structure

We’ve built a whole structure of the app based on user needs and their pain points. We closely collaborated with stakeholders to come up with relevant solutions and userflow.

The cockpit for star recruiters

We've shaped the ideal chain of actions for recruiters and candidates. UX that makes sense

Brand Identity
Visual strategy about connecting people

Before proceeding to UI design, we designed a visual basis for the brand


The colors are strengthening the credibility of the brand.


We've chosen a friendly font with a connotation to dialogue between recruiters and candidates. It simultaneously combines the stability (seriousness) of the classic grotesque and at the same time shows openness & dynamism.

Interface visual Design
Amplifying interface design

Recruiters will use the application on a daily basis. Thus, our decisions on visual design were led by the desire of making the interface clear, without any distractions and apparent color coding.

Recruiters' pipeline in details
  • drag and drop
  • bulk actions for managing multiple candidates
  • color coding to visualize stages
Prioritizing to conquer candidates

The pin tool helps recruiters to highlight jobs on the dashboard that also gives full performance analytics.

Product growth
Marketing the product

The final part of the work included various marketing materials including promo website and illustrations


Our UX-oriented approach and deep understanding of the business tasks allowed us to create a holistic product with an innovative outstanding interface that is now driving consistent user engagement and constant interaction with the platform.

More importantly, we helped to shift user mindset from worrying about the integrity of platform providers to focusing on own capacity to make profits and, therefore, convince investors of the immense potential this project had yet to realize.

Our Deliverables
Product MVP Design
  • Research & Analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Visual design
  • Design support
ICO Campaign
  • Research
  • Indentity design
  • Content strategy
  • Website design

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