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Why solid teams by Artkai

Millions of people use the products Artkai helped design and develop. Our clients have raised more than $350 million of investor funding, and received recognition from Apple, Y-Combinator and Forbes.

We’ve gained a good reputation to serve clients additionally by backing up their projects with our Solid Teams.

What are your benefits

Meet any gap in your team’s skillset

We help your internal teams to integrate without any culture gaps. We do take the process and behavioral changes into consideration.

Reduce resourcing costs by up to 50%

We help you to scale up fast to meet your goals via outstaffing benefits cooperative. We take care of team & time management, as well as allocation of their tasks effectively.

Deliver your product to market faster

Our software outstaffing, facilities, technology, as well as team/project management & guidance are the best-fit resources.

Who is in our shortlist

Artkai has 80+ highly talented people in-house. We also have a team of IT recruiters and existing relationships with 300+ senior resources who are experienced in a wide range of technologies.

Hire Developers
  • Front-End Engineers

    Front-End Engineers

  • Back-End Engineers

    Back-End Engineers

  • Product Designers

    Product Designers

  • QA Engineers

    QA Engineers

  • DevOps


According to our clients...

Judah Musick
Chief Innovation Officer at Red Rocks

The workflow




Proposal formation and budget preparation


Setting up your dedicated development team


A team launch and integration with a customer’s business


Working and growing


Prior to actual proposal formation & setting on the project budget, we ask for a detailed design brief. Receiving the necessary requirements from the client are essential to know what & who we are looking for and which hiring model to apply. And putting down detailed technical tasks for every specialist are half of work success.

Proposal formation and budget preparation

After receiving the requirements: outstaffing service details, team size & structure, technologies, extra demands and expectations, we create a custom proposal based on your your specific needs.

Setting up your dedicated development team

Our tech recruitment experts find the right software outstaffing terms, and provide software engineers fast. You are involved in the interview and compensation negotiation process. It’s up to you to choose upon the final hiring decision.

A team launch and integration with a customer’s business

We assist in integrating the outstaffing team with your business and the top it outstaffing services. Our manager works closely with you to help launch efficient remote hiring models for teams. An agile coach helps setting up the necessary processes for distributed teams if needed.

Working and growing

Outstaffing vs. outsourcing is no longer an issue. Work and manage your dedicated software engineering teams directly from any corner of the world. We care about looking for an outstaff team of developers, HR, administration, legal & infrastructure, and financial issues to encourage further education and stimulate the team’s professional growth.

What is in the offer

Onsite workshop


Top software developers hired fast by the skilled tech recruiters as per your specific business needs and other requirements.

Onsite workshop


We take care of administrative, transport, accounting, legal and other issues, while you enjoy the work of your dedicated team.

Onsite workshop


Positive working climate & professional growth of each team are both in good hands. Daily HR support guarantees to keep the atmosphere alongside your outstaffing company values’ promotion on the top. On boarding with us is smooth & easy, which makes us a reliable outstaffer.

Onsite workshop


A dedicated account manager on our side connects you and your dedicated smart team effectively. On a daily basis, you are supported and updated on how things are going on, if there are hardships or improvements needed, etc.

Onsite workshop


Fully-equipped staff & networking facilities, modern & convenient. Cosy offices with conference rooms, lounge areas and so much more at your disposal.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to acquire a talent averagely?

1-4 weeks depending on skills required & other. For example, average search for а Senior JavaScript Developer is about 1,5 weeks.

Can I get a transparent contract?

What are the payment terms?

How long does it take to launch?

Get suitable resumes in a week


Our representative contacts you within 8 hours


We collect all the necessary requirements from you


We screen and shortlist the best talents


We keep confidentiality with all of our clients by signing NDA

Fill out a good old contact form to let us know how we can be of use to you