Mobile apps trends 2020 that are worth your attention

Apps industry keeps on developing; it is predicted that up to 2021 there will be 7 billion mobile apps users. This is almost equal to the number of world population. In addition, Apple App Store users expenses will rise up to $157 millions. All in all, it is important to know the directions of mobile development in 2020.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, ML&AR

International Data Corporation predicts that indicators of the Artificial Market will rise up to 40 billion dollars in 2020. It means that most market sectors would like to integrate their systems with AR. Some elements are already implemented into applications related to production and medicine. It is supposed that AR technologies will appear on social media platforms for branding. Machine learning provides a new level of convenience and allows harnessing opportunities like making accurate recommendations due to relocation or other data. Probably, mobile machine development will help us not just entertain but solve important issues. These mobile application trends will demand speeding up data processing and drive to further reduction of delays.

Augmented reality, AR

Mobile app development industry happens due to implementing AR trends in different sectors, including gambling. Mentioned tendency allows providing users with excellent UX design, that drives to conversion rate increase. Augmented reality is interesting for employers as far as it gives more possibilities for successful advertisement. Anyway, it is not so easy for a random user to imagine the augmented reality trend in action. Application under the name Air New Zealand is a great example of such a product. It is based on a scale 3D map, and involves participants into different kinds of activities. Almost everybody gets interested in New Zealand culture due to fascinating visual effects and a quiz component. It is also important to remember that implementing AR trends demands developing special devices like VR glasses or VR helmets. Only a little part of users is ready to invest their funds in such elements. Moreover, 5G as well as cloud technology must be developed on a really high level.

Voice user interfaces, Voice UI

Due to the latest research, 50% adults in USA use voice commands for Internet research. Technologies like Alexa, Google Home, Siri, etc. give an opportunity to manage different devices from phones and watches to cars and houses. Voice search allows simplifying user interface graphics, but adds a new way of communication. Before using any of mobile app development trends, make sure that it will be useful for your users. Audio device is a new way for interacting between human and network. Deep analytics will be necessary for monitoring user behavior, but the final implementing of voice user interfaces will happen soon. Voice UI must be based on the following criteria: natural language, voice input, intellectual interpretation and assistance. This kind of mobile application development allows predicting users' aims, and offer results based on contextual information or previous actions. The examples of modern VI realization allow to imitate the character of a person; such a step was called to get more users' trust.

Mobile Wallets and Blockchain

Mobile wallet is one of preferable payment methods; Google Wallet, Apple Pay are convenient for people as far as these mobile payments have more flexible conditions. Blockchain allows providing great level of insurance with low transactions cost at the same time. Therefore, blockchain technology is predicted to be the most important decision for further developing financial markets. Lots of the players with implemented mobile wallets will appear in the next 10 years. Plastic cards will consequently be replaced with mobile wallets. Anyway, mobile application trends will also be focused on data security enhancement. Of course, such a great number of online users will attract cyber criminals' attention.

Wearable devices

Nowadays there is no doubt that wearable devices are among mobile apps trends 2020. Owners of leading companies try to make applications not only for mobile devices but for smart watches, implantable chips, smart jewelry, VR glasses or helmets. Talking about smart apps for wearable devices, these are health monitoring, auto apps, emergency help, GPS system, fitness applications, parental control, time managers, power control, etc. Generally, wearable technologies are the part of Internet of Things trend. Such decisions allow to mobilize a person, and let him make a few actions simultaneously. That allows to reducing energy consumption for completing everyday tasks.

Enterprise mobility management, EMM

EMM platform allows strengthening mobile devices structure used by industry employees. In addition, EMM technology gives a possibility of data exchange on different mobile devices. All that have influence on work performance and productivity level. This mobile trend keeps on developing as far as employers worldwide are extremely interested in it. EMM makes possible to inform employees about tasks or updates, and monitor workers' activity. In addition, all that has positive effect on the customer experience as far as users are able to give ratings and leave comments. In this way, both customers and users feel affiliation to the big system. Implementing EMM is closely related to cloud technologies, because hybrid apps need sufficient memory. Device enrollment may be made via Email, SMS and URL.

Beacons Technology

Beacons technology allows to improve your customers' experience basing on GPS data. Actually, user doesn't have to make any additional actions aside from loading the app. With the help of iBeacon, the system determines when a consumer is close to the shop, and sends personalized notifications in that was planned. Therefore, sales as well as attention to product are constantly increasing. Beacons technology was announced on Apple app store. Special chips may narrow the gap between physical and digital world. Finally, employer gets a possibility not just to inform customers but to analyze their behavior. For instance, once the system gets the info about goods that were interesting to the user, it becomes possible to make reasonable propositions from other sales channels.

Using opportunities of 5G

5G wireless technology is also among mobile apps trends 2020. It gives more opportunities for developing applications as far as the speed of 5G is much higher the 4G indicators. Implementing the mentioned AR and VR technologies, 3D games and the high level of data safe will be possible with 5G support. Due to this technology, users of Apple and Google play store are able to share files in a flash. Once the speed of sharing will be up to 15 Gbps, the 3D streaming video will be an ordinary thing. If you own a business or on the way of owning one, you should know that personal application is a necessity for promoting. App development companies confirm that the product must be safe, informative and easy to use. Only in this case potential customers will be ready to install your application.


Following trends allows a better understanding market demands, and being closer to potential buyers. Implementing some of 2020 mobile trends like Artificial Intelligence or EMM are just at first stage of launch. Anyway, mobile wallets, voice interfaces, iBeacon and wearable devices are already being used in numerous mobile applications. It is highly recommended making a test for determining if any trend will be useful for your customers. If yes, then don't hesitate to implement one!

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